Help out the Museum with your vote!

The City of Lexington submitted a list of projects in the 2008 U.S. Conference of Mayors report. You can click on any project to read (and add to) its description in the links below. You can also discuss the project and vote on whether or not you believe it is critical for the city to focus on. The total cost of all the projects submitted by Lexington is $556,055,950.

Right now, the Lexington History Museum (listed as the Fayette County Courthouse
) is not doing well in the public opinion, because not many people are aware that the museum is located in the Courthouse and think they are voting to renovate a new building. If you could take a look at the website and vote for the Fayette County Courthouse, the Lexington History Museum would be able to do major renovations and create roughly 90 jobs for the downtown area.

One of the things covered in the funding is a renovation of the current HVAC system, which does a poor job of covering the whole building. The Lexington History Museum houses a large number of historic documents and objects, all of which need temperature- and humidity-controlled environments to best preserve them. Extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations, such as the ones the museum experiences, can be very damaging to these artifacts, and can even destroy them over time.

We need to preserve these pieces of Lexington history!

Please take a few minutes and look at the website and cast your vote for the projects you think are important for Lexington to focus on! The future of the museum rests in your hands. Thank you!

To see all of the projects, click HERE.

To see the Fayette County Courthouse/Lexington History Museum, click HERE.


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