Traveling Trunks

The Lexington History Museum enjoys reaching out to schools in the community, and one of our best resources is our Traveling Trunks program. The Traveling Trunks are for use by teachers to help them in the classroom, in order to encourage students to learn through experience and being able to handle the history they are studying. Each trunk comes with lesson plans, resource materials, artifacts, PowerPoint presentations, and more. Currently, the Lexington History Museum offers three trunks: “Kentucky!” focuses on the history and culture of our state and is geared towards 4th grade students; “Native Americans in Kentucky” focuses on the often misunderstood history of Native Americans in the state, and is geared towards 4th and 5th grade students; lastly, and soon to come, is “Causes and Effects of the Civil War,” which is intended for high school students. 03-a

The Museum would like to thank the community for its support of this project! These trunks would not have been possible without your help.


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