Your Family’s History

In honor of Preservation Month in May, the Lexington History Museum is interested in doing an exhibit featuring the personal family history of our patrons. We are asking museum-goers (members and non-members) to temporarily loan a piece of their family’s history to the museum to educate others on that particular object and its place in history, and to make history seem more personal to our visitors.

Loaned diaries, letters, and other paper artifacts will be digitally scanned and made into posters to be hung on the wall, other items will be put inside display cases, and oral histories can be recorded and put on the blog or podcast, or can also be put in a kiosk in the exhibit room. We’re curious about your family’s history and how it relates to the Bluegrass State, and want to share your story with the rest of the community!

Some items we’re interested in seeing: war medals, diaries, letters, political campaign paraphernalia, photographs/albums, books, drawings/paintings, quilts, crafts, and oral histories.

We’re trying to gauge the community’s interest, so if you would please comment either on our blog or our Twitter with ideas, we would really appreciate it!

Sample Response
I would like to loan my mother’s diary to the museum. She was a child living in Lexington during World War II and documented the effect the war had on the city. In one entry, she wrote about getting letters home from her father, who served in the Pacific Theatre. This diary is very important to my family because it’s exciting for me and my children to see what my mother was like when she was young, and to read about all of her experiences.

Sample Response
I would like to donate an audio recording I made of my grandfather in 2007. He was present at the opening of Keeneland, working at the admission gates. He has some great stories about the racetrack and I wanted to preserve them before he passed on. I think it’s important to take time to sit down with our older generations and learn about their experiences before they are gone.


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