History of the Bluegrass Trivia Game

Did you miss our trivia contest on Saturday? Fear not — we have the questions here so you can play at home! The answers will be posted on Friday, March 13th, so make sure to check back and see how many you got right.

If you want to play, feel free to post your answers in the comments section, or e-mail us at lexingtonhistorymuseum@gmail.com.

Questions: History of the Bluegrass Trivia Contest: March 7.

1. Who was the leader of the group of explorers who named Lexington?
2. What year did that happen?
3. If a person left Fort Pitt on a canoe and disembarked at the new town of Lexington, what waterways would he have taken, in order?
4. In terms of proximity to a present town, where was the largest Native American settlement of the 1750’s located?
A. Winchester B. Harrodsburg C. Versailles D. Frankfort.
5. What tribe established that settlement?
6. Which of the following was already here when the first Europeans arrived in the new world?
A. The Potato B. The Tomato C. Horses D. Small Pox E. Syphilis.
7. What was the name of the company that hired Daniel Boone and his axe men to cut a trail into the Kentucky territory of Virginia?
8. What was the name of that trail?
9. Whose grandfather accompanied Daniel Boone in that endeavor but was later killed by Indians?
10. What was the grandfather’s name?
11. Name Kentucky’s first three counties while still part of Virginia.
12. Name the last county established before Kentucky became a state (the ninth overall).
13. In what year did Kentucky become a state?
14. Name Kentucky’s first newspaper and the year it was first published.
15. Who was known as the “Paul Revere of the South” because of his 40 mile ride that saved Thomas Jefferson from capture by the British during the American Revolution?
16. What was Lexington citizen, William “King” Solomen, noted for in 19th century Lexington history?
17. Charlton Hunt is noted for what in Lexington history?
18. Which war did both Henry Clay and Abraham Lincoln oppose?
19. When Henry Clay ran for President in 1824, he held the position currently held by:
A. Mitch McConnell B. John McCain C. Hillary Clinton D. Nancy Pelosi.
20. Name his political opponents in that contest.
21. What was Lincoln’s annual salary as President?
22. Name Mary Todd and Abraham Lincoln’s children.
23. Lexington’s largest cash crop by 1840 was:
A. Corn B. Tobacco C. Hemp D. Hay?
24. Cassius Clay was ambassador to which country?

Good luck!


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