Donna McCreary Lecture Excerpts

For our readers who were unable to attend the Lincoln Bicentennial presentation by author Donna McCreary on Mary Lincoln, the Quintessential Hostess, we have a few excerpts for you to catch.

Ms. McCreary discusses President Obama’s inauguration and how TV announcers thought the presence of wild game implied that President Lincoln was a hunter — he wasn’t!

The Lincolns throw a huge house party, and Ms. McCreary elaborates on social etiquette rules in the mid-nineteenth century.

The Todd Family wasn’t very fond of Abraham, listen to the clip to find out why!

Ms. McCreary discusses proper ladylike behavior in the mid-1800s, and tells an amusing story about a rather indecent rescue at the scene of a carriage accident.

Mary Lincoln’s White House parties and penchant for gloves is discussed in this clip.

The changes Mary Lincoln made in the White House, and the story of a party thrown in 1862 with 600 to 700 guests.

Ms. McCreary talks about Mary Lincoln visiting soldiers in the military hospitals and how she tried to brighten their holidays.

We would like to thank Donna McCreary for her presentation and interview. You can find information about her books “Fashionable First Lady” and “Lincoln’s Table” as well as Ms. McCreary herself at her websites:


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